This Natal Midlands company, founded in 1988 by philanthropist Steve Croudace brought us Strops – the amphibious webbing sandal that was so popular with sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts during the 90’s.  The Leatherback brand was launched in 2000 with a range of hiking boots and shoes for adventurous nomads seeking high quality and comfort.  The shoes are handmade by skilled women from Mafakathini near the town Boston and offer the durability we were accustomed to before mass-produced, brittle plastic products became the norm.  Our designers and pattern makers can assist you in developing new styles if you want to make your own mark in the footwear industry. There is still room for artisanal footwear in his wired world.

Where you can find us 

The Shongweni Farmers Maket https://www.shongwenimarket.co.za/ , The Directions are https://www.google.com/maps/place/Shongweni+Farmers+%26+Craft+Market/@-29.8408803,30.7175092,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x1ef6f9e68ee5ee4b:0x99135487791649df!8m2!3d-29.8408803!4d30.7196979

Blog Article

Leatherback Blog – Nicole Stwert

  • Do you want to know how a pair of handcrafted shoes is made?


  • Firstly – Skilled men and women have to be sourced and trained, in our case ,  from a rural area in Mafakathini near the town Boston, and some of them have over 20 years’ experience.


  • Secondly – carefully selected leather and other materials must be sourced, in our case all material is locally sourced.


  • Thirdly – Designs and patterns must be made, in our case all designs and patterns are developed by our very own talented team.


  • Fourthly – Manufacturing takes place, in our case by our small team of experienced shoe makers who carefully handcraft each pair of shoes.


  • So your pair of shoes have not been mass produced along a conveyor belt in a huge factory full of identical shoes, but have rather been handcrafted by skilled experienced people who have dedicated their time and energy into making high quality shoes.