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Green River State Park makes a great base camp. Discover the thrill of rafting one of America's Top 10 Rivers - Desolation Canyon on the Green River. The Yampa River begins at Deerlodge Park and rushes downstream 44-miles to join the Green River at Echo Park. The level of the river fluctuates throughout the summer months, but channels keep the river navigable for most watercraft in low water. Plus, the Green's, easy flatwater allows novice boaters and families to do it sans guides (though. Green River History "Rio San Buena Ventura" is the Spanish name for the Green River. "America's best float trip." From late-May through July, the mosquitoes can be absolutely ravenous. Snag a campsite by 3 p.m. to get in on the best ones, like Tent. Boaters continue downstream on the Green River to the take-out at the Split Mountain boat ramp. Bottom (mile 13) and an unnamed camp on the east bank at mile 45. This section snakes for 52 miles from the put-in at Mineral Bottom to the confluence, with the Colorado River; take out on any beach between the confluence and Spanish, Bottom, four miles downriver. And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. Spanish and Mexican explorers called this river the Rio Verde, or Green River, and some think that this is because of the verdant vegetation along its banks. It begins at the “Gates of Lodore”, where the river flows into the southeastern flank of the Uinta Mountains. Paddle in the morning to avoid afternoon, The park does not reserve or designate campsites along the river, and competition, can be stiff. With bighorn sheep scrambling atop mesas, side, hikes down narrow tributary canyons to Puebloan art and cliff dwellings, the, Green River through Stillwater Canyon in Utah's Canyonlands National Park features, some of the most exotic yet accessible scenery in the country. A short hike from the river's edge leads to ancient petroglyphs, evidence of the area's prehistoric residents. Permits are not required for overnight use or launches on BLM land along the Colorado River. Three of the most popular areas near Green River include Desolation, Labyrinth, and Stillwater canyons (in order from upstream down). In all, there are 60 named class II and III rapids. The river runs through some of the nation's most spectacular water-accessible canyon country. The views are outstanding and there are multiple hikes to arches and historic sites to explore. Call Ruby Ranch at 435-650-3193, or Green River State Park at 435-564-3633 for more information. Fantastic desert, canyon country scenery surrounds the entire float. Most importantly, plan for a rare opportunity to unplug from the pace of everyday life and to receive one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. This is an awesome float trip for any beginner. Float on Down the Green River This Summer in a Giant Tube Feeling cool mountain water rush over feet as you jump into a giant tube in the Green River is a refreshing feeling. Along the float we shored up at multiple large sandbars to stretch our legs, swing a fly in their fast runs, and enjoy the only for sure when on a … Campground Location:, Dutch John UT 84023. Desolation Canyon is for the more serious adventurers, totaling 84-miles from the put-in at Sand Wash to the take-out at Swasey’s Boat Ramp. Floating the Green River (click here for the BLM Brochure) has become a great adventure for people of all ages. We believe that the customer comes first and we know … This area offers incredible scenery, great basecamp towns (such as Vernal) and a wide range of rapid classes for all abilities. WRF. Beware of the common afternoon canyon winds, which can be fierce and make downstream travel seemingly impossible. Experience the peace of a floating on a raft, or paddling an inflatable kayak. McNeil /Green River Tsimpsean Peninsula M13 M02 F01 G02 B03 0-200 Scotia Creek Skeena River M13 T01 H01 0-200 Kitsault River Observatory Inlet M14 T01 D09 W03 F01 H01 T01 M01 M02 Q00 200-500 Kwinamass River Portland Inlet M14 B05 T01 W03 F01 M09 H00 Q09 Q04 200-500 Work Channel Entrance Work Channel M16 A01 A05 F21 M07 1000-2500 Quottoon Inlet Work Channel M16 D10 H00 … Loaded. Season Mid-April through May and September. Five to six days leaves time for side hikes, but, you can do it in as little as three. The most significant of which, Joe Hutch Rapid, can elevate to a solid class IV or V- during high water. Fantastic desert, canyon country scenery surrounds the entire float. The Green River begins as snow melt and trickling spring water high in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. In 1869, John Wesley Powell led an expedition through Desolation Canyon to chart these unknown wilds, an area still considered to be one of the most remote places in the lower 48. Bringing two vehicles or a bike to leave at the bottom would be recommended as it is about 9 miles from the put-in to the take-out, and after 5 hours in the river that's a long walk. You might not be a pro climber, camper or explorer, but Utah’s diverse collection of outdoor guides has all of the expertise you need to have an adventure worth getting stoked about. For most river runners, the average time to complete this 84-mile journey, from the put-in at Sand Wash to the take-out at Swasey’s Landing, just north of the town Green River, is six to seven days. It was created by Richard C. Jones in Davenport, Iowa, sold widely by the Chicago-based Schoenhofen Edelweiss Brewing Company in 1919, subsequently sold by other vendors, and is currently manufactured by WIT Beverage Company. This 9-mile section of the Green River begins at Nefertiti Access Point, flows through Gray Canyon, and concludes at Swaseys Boat Ramp. It is perfect for families, youth groups, or any that want to really experience one of nature’s great wonders. Floating down the river and experiencing some small rapids is relaxing and fun, an awesome way to spend a hot summer day with your family or friends. Popular stretches include following the Green River through Dinosaur National Monument from the Canyon of Lodore to Split Mountain Gorge. Green River Rafting Explore Utah’s famous outlaw hideouts, ancient dinosaur habitats, and Fremont Native American petroglyphs. It’s typically done as a six to seven-day trip to allow ample time for its 60 rapids, which come at the rate of one per mile for 60 miles, and to allow for ample time to enjoy maximum solitude and exploration. Flatwater trips may float down either the Colorado or Green rivers as far as the Confluence or Spanish Bottom. Summer highs often top 100°F; snow and cold winds can occur in early spring, A wide-brim hat or ball cap and frequent sunblock rubdowns are mandatory. Take advantage of the many hiking opportunities to view native american rock art, skiffs abandoned by early river-explorers, abandoned ranches, including one where Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch often swapped horses with owner, Jim McPherson, and even a prohibition-era whiskey outpost. Single Day Float Trip; Camp Trips; Walk n Wade Single day ; Destination Trip and Classes; Pack Trips. Some of these sites can be reached on foot but most of these sites can only be reached by boat. Come let us show you what we're about. Pack at least a gallon per person per day, more if your cooking plans require, Believe it or not, ice blocks will last four to five days in coolers on this. Those four words will be the first out, of your mouth at the take-out after a leisurely expedition with a constant backdrop, of redrock cliffs and spires. The first is Michael Kelsey's River Guide to Canyonlands National Park and Vicinity. It makes a 730 mile journey down from the alpine peaks and across the high desert basins of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah, falling over 9,000 feet before joining the Colorado River in the heart of the red rocks of Canyonlands National Park. Snowmelt runoff generally peaks in May, making the river swift in spring. Many guides and outfitters offer trips on the Green River Daily. Those interested in running Desolation privately, can obtain a permit and information from the Price Office of the Bureau of Land Management at (435) 636-0975. A great run for first timers and families, it's mellow enough to include floating, paddling, and water play. The Green and its largest tributary, the Yampa River, meet at Steamboat Rock in Echo Park. to blast other boaters; it serves double duty as a bilge. Free roadside parking is available at both ends of the float off of SE Green Valley Rd. Green River is a bright green, lime -flavored soft drink. Our Guides; Guided Trips. The Green River, below Flaming Gorge Dam, likely needs no introduction if you are an avid fisherman. Of historical note, notorious outlaws, including Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch, found refuge here. Prehistoric evidence abounds throughout the run, ancient Fremont petroglyphs and pictographs are found within short hiking distance from the river's edge. The Yampa River offers great adventure during run-off season in the spring. All of the river camps are equipped with a picnic table, campfire ring with benches, tent pads and a … through mid-October are the best times to combine floating, hiking, and swimming. All Green River trip prices are for 1 or 2 people except for Boot Camp which is designed for only 1 angler. This is a great way to discover the many miles of dramatic bluffs and explore the river as it existed when the early frontier was being discovered. Both are very popular and highly recommended. food, drink, and gear, since the weight isn't on your shoulders. The Green River is the chief tributary of the Colorado River, covering parts of Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. Pack, a Stream Machine Water Launcher (

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