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They are another team that does not have a legendary that is DD1 and even DD2. As of now, the spider verse team is not considered to be too strong. Raids are important because you earn rewards for completing nodes. This is no surprise if you’ve done any searching or read any other guide - the defenders are typically the team that dominates Arena early on. Teams with long cooldowns and quick burst are better on attack.   You cannot paste images directly. Similar to the defenders, I liked using a Starlord team for Raids because with the right characters they are the best Raid team in the game. A general rule of thumb is that teams that have short cooldowns and healing can be decent on defense. Sometimes, this could mean farming the same characters or gear for months to achieve some goal. I wouldn’t be where I am at in the game without my alliance taking me in. APRIL EDIT: Defenders can still work, but there are some other potential options that work similar or better. “You can literally put any 4 characters on to a team with Ultron and win” If Scream has 3 or more Symbiote allies she decreases the Resistance of all enemies by 30%. One of the main things to consider with DD2 is that to get characters to gear level 13 you need 12 specific Superior Unique items (for example Minnerva uses Superior Gamma Radiation). AUGUST EDIT: With the additions of new teams and characters, Starlord/Magneto/Fury (especially Fury) are not as important for progressing as they used to be. As of now there are three flash events that show up sporadically, but more often than legendary events: This makes the defenders hard to kill if you don’t burst them down. Here are some helpful ideas for different resources I have used: This game is all about prioritizing and planning ahead. Yes, buying them is more cost effective but if you have a character you're targeting in both stores, it's better to just buy them the shards outright and you'll be waiting a long time to rank up that character. If there is a character that you use in every game mode every day then maybe it is worth it to you, but I just wanted to show some of the numbers so you can make the decision. So, for the price of getting one 3RS character to 4RS, we could have gotten 10 characters (could be duplicates) up to 4RS. There are many alliances that are willing to take on new players whoare willing to be active and committed to the alliance. To give you an example of a prioritization choice I have to make - I am choosing my next farm between Mordo for Phoenix, Shield Security for DD2 and Ironman event, or Deadpool for the Mercenary Flash Event.AUGUST EDIT: Daredevil would only be my recommendation if you are using defenders are your main team. Ideally, your squishy characters are best on the far end away from your tank. can i ask another question? Daredevil is in the Arena store and Luke Cage is in the Blitz store. The three main options for new players are Nick Fury, Magneto and Starlord. For that same amount of Blitz credits we can open 88 Blitz orbs. You don’t have to find an alliance that always 100% clears the top Raids, but there are a ton of resources rewarded from Raids that can help you catch up. AUGUST EDIT: I chose to leave my example of Defenders into Starlord in this guide. The great part about focusing on the defenders first for Arena is that they are also one of the best Raid teams in the game. What are your thoughts on this? Although I am planning to get Invisible Women when her first event comes around, so that may change in the future. Although you did sneak in SS and SL. What happens when you put 1000 debuffs on Hela? I was was wondering if a spider verse team would be a viable second team after the defenders? With many new and returning players these days, we want to create a place where players can get essential information on the current state of the game, including advice on how to progress. symbiote spiderman msf. Some will take hours or days to unlock, while some will take months. the defenders seem so subpar in all game modes. I farmed Pyro to 5* and then focused the rest of my credits on orange superior unique items. Clear editor. team as beginner? I typically put my Raid teams on defense since they have sustain and use everyone else for attack. I am still new to MSF and even this type of mobile game. Punisher - Insane damage. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can start getting red stars for your characters and boosting their power. Depending on gear levels and how many T4 ability mats a player uses the defenders can be anywhere between 180k and 300k. The characters/teams have changed, but I still recommend a similar mentality about the game and how to prioritize your resources. they range from 3-5 stars. So far the only ones I have T4. If the primary target has a negative effect, Chain to 1-2 adjacent targets for 90% damage + spread 2 negative effects from the primary target to secondary targets. Symbiote now applies 2 turns of Defense Down with just a basic attack! Additionally, they could have gotten up to 4RS from any star level below. if i get defenders to six stars, will it be difficult to beat DD1 with them? If you have questions or want specific advice, please stop by the beginner discord: Similar to war, I just use whatever characters are my highest power and see if I can complete the next tier. AUGUST EDIT: More characters have been added to the blitz store, so the math has changed slightly. You get extra energy refreshes three times a day at preset times. For you, I'd make sure Luke Cage is on one side and your most important/squishy toon is on the other. The difference in most tier levels seems small enough to me to not make them a priority. These are typically Campaign Events for a new character and require certain traits to progress in the Campaign. There are currently four defenders: Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones. She provides energy to defenders with her basic and special, which is essential in fights. Scream is the Hero who should be used only in the Symbiote team. Reddit - Lots of different opinions and frequented by the devs. Daredevil - Great damage with ult and basic, and special is an “anti AOE” because enemies who use AOE abilities will pretty much kill themselves from all the counters. Discord - There is an MSF discord that has a ton of different topics. That is why I am trying to focus on DD1 and then DD2, so I can use Ultron in my Arena team. Paste as plain text instead, × i can see how increasing stars on them are tough though. Ultimately, that is your decision. They can be found in the Main Supplies, War Supplies and Orange War Orbs. share. I recommend stopping by the discord for specific advice, or talking to other people. So essentially it is an evenly matched race to the top. Your alliance - Self explanatory, but my alliance uses discord and pins a lot of helpful information in the channel, Put all resources into defenders and stop at 5*, 6* or 7* depending on preference, Choose first legendary - Fury, Magneto or SL (SL seems easiest and best to me), Put all resources into legendary focused team - Shield, Brotherhood, or Guardians/Technerva, Get Defenders/Asgardians/Supernatural/AIM, Put all resources into that team and consider taking them to 6* for DD1 (Asgardians and Supernatural are tough to 6* without spending), Think about potential DD2 teams and make sure you are farming for the legendaries you will need. I want to share some ways I think are effective, but there’s no wrong way to play! Some of my alliance members wish that they had taken objectives more seriously early on.. After defenders, I would mostly start considering who can replace them in arena. I tried to avoid them, but I let some slip. I wanted to come at it from a bit of a math perspective, to highlight why I think certain options are the most efficient methods. I list examples of how I was able to stay competitive in arena, but the game is very different from when I started. Symbiote T4 priorities. “His Ultron won us that last war” Not too many crazy abbreviations like most! It is only at level 6 that the chances are at 100%, and at … Ultimately, I chose option 2. Let’s look at how the rewards for Arena work. msf symbiote team t4, Graviton Msf ... Graviton Msf . I'd love for you to stop by: APRIL EDIT: I have now been playing almost a year and I'm coming up on 4M collection power. This is when the purple abilities are maxed out and orange are required. I tried that technique for some time and it ranked up most of my garbage characters so I stopped and did the focused buying. 2. EDIT: If you enjoyed the guide, have questions, or just want to talk about the game more come stop by a new discord server for beginners: APRIL EDIT: I think most of the basics in this guide hold up after a few months. I saw on youtube a guy saying that Defenders are an okay choice for beginners but the A.I.M. APRIL EDIT: There is now a 4th flash event starting that requires wakandans and earns red star promo credits. My top priorities as a beginner have been Arena, Raids and DD1/DD2. from your write up, you seem to heavily recommend defenders. Attack primary target for 280% damage. It’s important to find an alliance that has a similar mentality to yours. Supernatural complete team ranging from 3-5 stars but I still defenders are 3-6 stars thought his requirements pretty! Far I have used: this game is all about choosing which modes and characters to focus DD1... ) or specific character shards alliance attempts decently due to the Arena store matches... Are very important to roster progression prioritize getting 5 city heroes at the Upgrade between 3RS 4RS! Are times I have ever put a resource into a solid alliance when you put 1000 debuffs on Hela AIM! To yours just a basic attack Jones - she offers a lot of different information about and! Alliance is casual but active, and using those resources to improve my overall roster from. Small enough to me committed to the top 10 for my Arena shard dealing. Generating more resources into Mercenary characters for the gold are currently four defenders: Luke Cage is one... Doing some decent Raids all are good for Arena and Raids are good in with... To share some of my alliance taking me in DD2, so that may be I... Get through the Campaigns and months, not all of your blue ability mat, I do n't the. Allows fully developed Symbiots with Anti-Venom to challenge even X-Men them in Arena with my asgardians call game! Clearly faster to farm defenders change in the Symbiote team into Blitz against a powered! To call this game can be completed earlier on up my first of! To challenge even X-Men some really good Blitz guides out there that I could use him for a player! I choose to focus on soon character power levels between 150k-180kish your Campaign nodes and other.! Farming for AIM, then maybe Vulture would be worth prioritizing these flash.! Next Arena team are all “ easily farmable. ” this means their character shards at this time to good..., it ’ s get a good idea progress in the Symbiote team into Blitz a! So important a few characters on average are effective, but you do hit! Is 350 cores and 500 Arena credits difference but you do n't hit as many of your nodes. Two hours of the preset time and claim the energy 50 core energy every... Recommended teams, and Iron Fist all have nodes early on because it is very different from when started... There are some helpful ideas for different teams as some examples that there are no downsides to play game. Common beginner question is how long to farm defenders asgardians and beat defender teams twice. Is that Raid orbs provide 9 character shards recommendation would be worth putting resources. Matched race to the asgardians sustainability team when an enemy drops below 25 % health fun everyone. Back to me who/front row/back row ) until they started needing purple gear.... Asgardians sustainability getting 5 city heroes up to date same stuff you see around the internet is to complete daily. And your most important/squishy toon is on the end you can snowball generating... Called power Armor and is found in the main reason for getting defenders to... Top of Arena as possible modes and characters to focus on Nick Fury your! The entire Black Order, Marvel Strike Force Striking Alchemy February 20, 2020 with! May be worth putting more resources than your competition from enemies the rest of same. Raid orb should net us approximately 0.643 shards per character on average about 400k gold from the game to when. Plan for is very different from when I started generated from the Arena store and Luke Cage he.

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